Why You Have Been Stuck?

Why You Have Been Stuck?

Before you get on your journey to getting unstuck and figuring out who you are and what to do next, you need to find out WHY you are stuck. There are many reasons people feel stuck in their lives, job, and relationships, but the reasons are going to be unique to you. Here are some easy methods for figuring out when it started, and common reasons why people feel stuck.

Do a Big Brain Dump in Your Journal

The first thing you can do to figure out why you feel so stuck right now is to write in your journal. This requires doing a brain dump, which is just writing anything and everything you are thinking about. Just start writing about whatever comes to your mind first, and try to get everything out. Talk about your fears, emotions, feelings, victories, thoughts, worries, and anxiety. Whether you are happy or sad, upset or thrilled, just get it all out on paper.

In many cases, you eventually figure out the main problem in your life. It might be work, money, relationships, stress, or many other things. When you figure out WHY you are stuck, it becomes a lot easier to get unstuck.

Talk to Someone

It can also help tremendously for you to talk to someone about what you are going through. Choose someone you trust who knows a little about you on a personal level, and who won’t judge you for anything you say. This can be a parent, sibling, cousin, friend, even a neighbor who you are close to. Often times, the other person gives a little more insight than what you can see for yourself.

Look at What You Have Accomplished

Don’t forget to take a step back and look at how far you have come. Sometimes you get caught up in your goals you haven’t completed or long to-do lists you need to get through, that you become overwhelmed and get stuck. But look at everything you have already accomplished and it just might help change your mindset.

Common Reasons for Being Stuck

Still not sure why you might be stuck? It can sometimes help to see common reasons other people often get stuck in their lives. While these might not necessarily apply to you, it definitely helps to take a look. Some of the common reasons people get or feel stuck include:

Being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities.
Not doing anything they enjoy.
Lack of a good self-care routine.
Being overworked and struggling with burnout.
Too much emotional stress

Maybe you are just in need of a break, or you need to change something in your life. There is a lot you can do if you feel stuck.

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